I am a creature.

I grew up in Hawaii, a place that has profoundly impacted me in more ways than I could have imagined. Because of my island home, I developed a skewed view of paradise and beauty–the repercussions of living in one of the world’s dream vacation spots.

Those girls in the magazines that all my women’s studies teachers claimed were “airbrushed” and “unrealistic” were there,giggling and prancing around my hometown, just as flawless as they appeared to be on paper. The boys were all muscle, tanned and sweaty with flowing hair–beautiful, but ultimately quite dumb and boring. That was the thing about Hawaii: Very beautiful, but after a while it turns many a brain to mush. I’ve likened it to the mythical land in The Phantom Tolbooth, the “Doldrums”. In the book, you got out by thinking creatively.

Yet…I love Hawaii, and–regardless of my conflicted feelings about it, ┬áit will always be a beautiful part of my soul. Oh, the adventures I had.

Oregon has brought out a much different part of me. There is a freedom here–perhaps because the weather is so frequently unfortunate– to try as many different things as possible. I have done things here that I never imagined myself doing. The thing is, here I feel as though I’m thriving.

I discovered Public Health Education as a personal passion that grew into an educational pursuit and now–post college– has stretched its tendrils into many aspects of my life. My idea is to fuse overall health with art, performance, and education. I could think of no better career than something that incorporates all these things creatively.

My father always said that I shouldn’t worry about money. Money is a lubrication in the gears of life that allows us to move freely, but we can’t get to tied up with it. I try to remember this. To support the financial demands of my life I have decided to resist a consistent schedule and try instead to experience work as I find it and plan it. It has been an amazing experience being a freelancer– I have done many things I never thought I could do and my skill set has grown exponentially in the last few months of this experiment. As it turns out, if you are driven the world really can be your oyster… Or pearl, depending on the way you look at it.

I am constantly learning things about myself–new ideas, boundaries, opinions, and movements.

I was born March 20th, 1988, at 10:15 am. I live in Portland, OR with my amazing partner Jeff and the sweetest rat-like cat, Oscar.

I am a pisces water dragon, if that means something to you.

I am an artist, a model, a performer, and a student of health and higher learning.

Come get to know me.


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