Modeling opens up a new world of creativity and passion for me. I love to mix satire, sexuality, theatrics, art, controversy, darkness, innocence, silliness, and beauty together to come up with portraits that create a character. As of yet I don’t have many to show for, but I’m looking to expand my portfolio with some more interesting shots. Key words that give a clue to my style include all the ones above as well as: bizarre, eerie, surprising, elaborate, natural, honest, emotional, glamorous, cute, clever, conflicted, expressive, and fun! I like to have a blast with modeling– I’m professional and serious when it matters, but I don’t take it too seriously(in the best way possible). I believe in a drama-free and negativity-free approach. I would love to find some photographers or other models and a photographer that can work with me to come up with something awesome and inspiring. Or, at least really fun and wacky! I do have some experience modeling and am able to take direction as well as come up with ideas on my own.

I am also an experienced figure model. Please contact me at [email protected] to request a figure modeling session for your class or studio.

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