Burlesque is my way of fusing sexuality, creativity, and performance. There has been nothing else I’ve ever done that has made me feel happier in and about my body. Burlesque–among all else, has taught me to love my womanhood and embraces my silliness and sexiness. ┬áBeing mostly naked on stage does not make me feel nearly as uncomfortable as it probably should.

I think those that know me pretty much saw this coming.

Please let me know if you’d like a custom or pre-configured act for your venue or private party! I love working to create custom acts–Birthdays! Graduations! Bachelorette parties! Whenever you’d like to add a little fabulous to your lives.

Current Acts:

Beetlejuice, Vintage Insane Asylum, Donkey Kong, Pirate Parrot, Indiana Jones

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